Sports and Recreation is a big part of the KCC experience. The college has sent numerous students to University games and represented the University and Inter-University competitions.It is mandatory for all students to attend the Physical Education programme every week. Attendance is strictly maintained for the Physical Education programmes. Self Defence Skills are taught through Karate and Varmam.

To motivate students towards sports and games; the Physical Education Department organizes various tournaments such as State and National levels.

Every year, intramural competitions such as Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Badminton, Cricket, Foot Ball, Throw Ball, Table Tennis, Chess, Racquetball and Carom competitions are conducted before the Sports Day for both male and female students and also for faculty members. Students are divided into Houses and the Department hosts inter-house competitions to enhance competitiveness among students.

Sport day at KCC is akin to Sports festival held on Mount Adoni every year