Dear Student,

It is my pleasure to greet you all at a crucial time in your life, when you are taking a discussion on where to go for education. Please bear in mind that this is a decision which will set the course of your destiny.

You might have had plans and may not have happened the way you wanted. Do not be discouraged. “All things work together for good to them that love God”. God’s plans are always much higher than any human plans. Take a moment, relax and lay it down to the Almighty to take complete control.

At Kodaikanal Christian College (KCC),we believe that “Education is to identify your UNIQUENESSto bring out the best in you”. This year’s theme for the year is “You Are on Purpose”. You are in this world for a definite purpose. Do not go attracted by a city tohave fun or because your friend is going. Choose an institution which is interested in you, your personal growth. Take a moment and put some serious thinking.

Please go through our Vision and Mission Statements, College Anthem, College Prayer and our College Motto word by word. Every word is written keeping you in our mind. The words are powerful and we declare them on you. Alumni of our College have received these words into their lives and have become successful in their careers Worldwide. It brings us joy to see the fruit of our labour.

The Management, Faculty and Non-Teaching Staff at KCC, take this as our Calling in our life to nurture you towards your destiny. We take this role on us very serious,that it is from God and we stand committed. It doesnot matter what you have gone through in the past, but it matters whether you are on your track for your future. Come as you are and leave Campus as a Global Leader, who can face any challenge anywhere in the world.KCC is a one in a lifetime experience, not a merepaper which will call you a Graduate or a Post Graduate. You will stand apart from the Crowd.

Join KCC and be educated in knowing your UNIQUENESS and step out on purpose to reach your Destiny…


Dr.Sam Abraham, PhD

Chairman  & Principal