Kodaikanal Christian College is a leading academic institution with a special focus on each individual student. Offering a wide range of degree & diploma courses, KCC moulds every student into the future leader they are called to be through a rigorous academic program that builds on the value systems based on morality and ethics.

At Kodaikanal Christian College, you will be taught by a wide array of dedicated and gifted faculty who are specialized in their field of study and have the heart of the college in investing their lives one student at a time. Through various new teaching methods in ‘smart’ classrooms, every student is given the proper attention through the training and focus of their highly trained faculty. KCC gives you the opportunity to join a community of scholars, students from all over the world, brilliant faculty, and the perfect atmosphere to study. We challenge every student that walks into this campus with this: “Once you join, you will never be the same again!”