Department of English with Mass Communication and Journalism

This Department combines the elements of literature as well as communicative English so that the student will have a background in the classical style of writing as well as be able to express it in a way that is appropriate and meaningful in today’s challenging environment. 

*    Our B.A. (English with Mass Communication and Journalism) program is unique in that it enables the           student to specialize in three interrelated areas. The courses in English Language and Literature will               strengthen the learner’s mastery over all the vital areas of communication in English besides augmenting       his her knowledge of literature in English. With a strong foundation in English, the learner could cope             with  the demanding and challenging courses in Mass Communication and Journalism. With ease the             student could take basic & advanced courses in journalism, visual media, technologies for use in print,           T.V. and Internet. 

*      This degree program will help the learner design his/her career. The graduating student could go in for           Postgraduate studies in English. Another option would be to do P.G. program in Mass Communication           and Journalism. The student could carve a career in teaching or in mass media. One could even become         a freelancer. With specialization in three interrelated areas of knowledge, a student has the advantage of        clearing civil services examinations without difficulty since the asprint could take subjects for                            examination from all these three areas.