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Alumni Home

Hello KCCians. The long awaited alumni website is ready and we welcome you to join us by registering yourself on this page. This aims to sustain the student-college relationship for a lifetime Here is an opportunity for us to cherish the sweet memories and wonderful time we had together in KCC.  

We are happy to reconnect with you and would like to keep you updated about the activities at our college.

You can find your long lost friends and reconnect with them, get to know where they are, what they have been up to...
Cherish the memory of your favourite teachers... find them here!
Share memories, thoughts, etc.
You get to see how far KCC has come in the past few years; you can give suggestions and ideas to help us develop further.

And the success of this endeavour depends upon your cooperation and support! I hope that this website will help to bring back the experience of a life time that you’ve had in KCC. Stay tuned for more information.

Alumni Spotlight

Donna Bekana
KCC Class Of 07

KCC has given me a life changing experience, the best spiritual and academic experience. It has shaped me into a confident person, confident to face the World outside not just like anyother person but like a child of God. KCC is just not about academics but also about individuality, and helping everyone who comes there to discover their talents and go through a process of transformation to come out as shining stars.

Thank you for helping me find out the best in me. Thank you for helping me find Christ, who is the most priceless treasure in my life.

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